Blade & Sorcery recent patch 1.0.2

Blade & Sorcery Update 1.0.2 Slashes Bugs and Sharpens Gameplay

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The Blade & Sorcery development team has released Update 1.0.2, addressing numerous bugs and issues reported by the community since the game’s full release. This patch focuses on fixing critical problems and improving gameplay mechanics.

Key fixes in this update include:

  1. Resolving the loss of crystal shards upon accidental death in the Home map
  2. Implementing immunity from fall damage during Airstrike skill usage
  3. Adding missing Tier 4 weapons to the Baron’s Bounty shop inventory
  4. Correcting the gold loss penalty upon death, which previously caused players to lose all their gold instead of a partial amount

The developers also acknowledged ongoing AI issues, noting that some behaviors from previous updates (U11/U12) have regressed in version 1.0. These include problems with AI dodging, shield usage, parrying, and range-finding. The team is actively working on resolving these issues.

Additional improvements and fixes in Update 1.0.2 include:

  • Updated inventory tutorial videos
  • Fixed typos in multiple languages
  • Resolved issues with the golem fight mechanics
  • Improved modding support and fixed related bugs
  • Optimized memory usage for various game elements
  • Adjusted collision handlers and mesh issues in multiple maps

The Blade & Sorcery team continues to work on enhancing the game experience, addressing community feedback, and ensuring smoother gameplay across all aspects of the recently released Crystal Hunt campaign mode.

Blade & Sorcery

Blade & Sorcery is an immersive virtual reality game that offers a medieval fantasy sandbox experience with physics-driven combat. Players can engage in melee, ranged, and magic combat, becoming powerful warriors, rangers, or sorcerers.

The game stands out for its realistic physics and freedom of interaction. Players can wield a variety of weapons including swords, axes, bows, and daggers, with the ability to hold and use them in any way they choose. The combat system is fluid and responsive, allowing for creative fighting styles and strategies.

A unique feature of Blade & Sorcery is its advanced telekinesis mechanic, which allows players to manipulate objects and weapons from a distance. This adds an extra layer of complexity and fun to combat scenarios.

The game also includes character customization options, letting players design their own avatar. With its focus on simulation rather than scripted mechanics, Blade & Sorcery provides a sandbox environment where players can experiment with different combat techniques and magical abilities, limited only by their imagination.

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