Blade and Sorcery VR update 1.0

Blade & Sorcery’s Upcoming 1.0 Update: A Glimpse into New Environments and Lore

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The highly anticipated 1.0 update for the virtual reality game Blade & Sorcery is on the horizon, and fans are eager for every morsel of information. The Baron, a key figure in the game’s community, has recently shared insights into the development process and what players can expect, particularly regarding the game’s environments.

Blade and Sorcery is a medieval fantasy simulation sandbox video game developed and published by the French independent studio WarpFrog, designed exclusively for virtual reality platforms. Released in early access on December 11, 2018, the game is built on the Unity engine and is available for Windows and Meta Quest platforms. It features a single-player mode where players engage in combat and environmental interactions driven by a full physics simulation, offering a unique and immersive VR melee and magic combat experience.

Development Status: The Final Stretch

The development team is currently in the throes of completing critical components of the new Crystal Hunt mode, which is essential for the game to be playable from start to finish. This stage of development is not about fixing bugs or adding polish but rather implementing core mechanisms of the game. Once these components are finalized, the team will shift focus to bug fixes, and the game will enter a “playable” state, albeit with expected bugs. The quality assurance phase will then give a clearer picture of the remaining work before release. The Baron emphasizes patience, suggesting that fans should not fixate on release dates but rather allow the process to unfold naturally.

Environments: The Heart of 1.0

The update promises to be substantial, likened to a new game layered upon the existing one. A significant part of this update is the introduction of new environments. The environment team has been diligently working on adding a new Dungeon biome, revamping current sandbox maps to align with the game’s lore, and enhancing graphics for an optimized experience.

The Dalgarian Dungeon Biome

A central feature of the update is the new Dalgarian dungeon biome, which ties deeply into the lore of the Crystal Hunt progression mode. The Dalgarians, an ancient civilization, are integral to the player’s motivation as they explore ruins and gather lore to understand the world’s history and the events surrounding the Crystal Hunt. The game targets players who enjoy a self-driven, exploratory experience, though it remains accessible to those who prefer a more straightforward gameplay without delving into the lore.

The design of the Dalgarian dungeons moves away from the familiar medieval aesthetic inspired by Western Europe, challenging the team to create something entirely new without direct real-world references. The goal was to craft environments that evoke discovery and exploration, avoiding clichéd dark ruins or crypts while still maintaining an atmosphere of danger and mystery.

Environmental Storytelling and Sandbox Map Updates

Environmental storytelling plays a key role in the new dungeons, with rooms designed to be open to interpretation, allowing players to infer the nature of the ancient Dalgarian civilization. The team focused on quality over quantity, resulting in a plethora of meticulously crafted rooms.

Sandbox maps have also received updates to integrate the new lore of Blade & Sorcery, making the fantasy world of Byeth more coherent. Notable changes include the appearance of Oron in the sky, indicating that Byeth is a moon. The Canyon map, among others, has been given a cosmetic overhaul, and the Azure Star now also features in the sandbox maps, hinting at a potential role in the Crystal Hunt.


The Blade & Sorcery team is pushing the limits of PC VR to deliver an immersive and visually stunning experience. With the 1.0 update, players can look forward to a rich blend of new content, deep lore, and enhanced gameplay. While the release date remains uncertain, the commitment to quality and player experience is clear. The community is advised to stay tuned for further updates as the team continues to refine this ambitious expansion.

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