Breachers VR Update 19.3.2

Breachers Takes eSports to the Next Level with Update v19.3.2

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The virtual reality gaming scene is abuzz with the latest update from the popular tactical shooter game, Breachers. The Competitive Update – v19.3.2 has been rolled out, and it’s not just an ordinary patch—it’s a game-changer that introduces a comprehensive competitive mode, complete with a ranking system that promises to redefine the eSports experience for players and spectators alike.

About Breachers VR

Breachers VR is a team-based tactical shooter developed by the Belgian company Triangle Factory, designed for virtual reality platforms. The game features 5v5 multiplayer gameplay that draws heavy inspiration from popular tactical shooters like Counter-Strike and Rainbow Six Siege. In Breachers VR, players are divided into two teams: attackers and defenders. The attackers’ goal is to defuse a bomb before the round ends or eliminate all defending players, while defenders aim to protect the bomb from being defused. The game emphasizes strategic gameplay, requiring teams to plan their assaults or defenses carefully. It includes a variety of gadgets and weapons, such as trip mines, grenades, and different types of firearms, which players can purchase with in-game currency earned through performance in matches. Breachers VR offers several maps, including Factory, Hideout, Skyscraper, Ship, and Arctic, each presenting unique tactical challenges. The game has received post-launch updates, introducing new maps and game modes, enhancing graphics, and adding features to improve the overall experience. It has been praised for its polished mechanics, high-quality visuals, and immersive audio design, making it a standout title in the VR gaming space.

New Competitive Horizons

The update ushers in a new era for Breachers, with the introduction of a competitive game mode that is designed to test the skills of players in a more structured and intense environment. The ranking system is a ladder that players can climb, starting from Bronze and aiming for the pinnacle of Global Champion. This tiered structure adds a layer of depth and progression that was highly anticipated by the community.

Season Zero: A Testing Ground

Dubbed “Season Zero,” the inaugural season serves as a proving ground for the competitive framework. While it’s a full-fledged season with all the expected features, the developers have named it Season Zero to indicate that they are still fine-tuning the experience based on real-world play and feedback. This approach shows a commitment to perfecting the competitive aspect of the game, ensuring that it meets the high standards of its players.

Engaging Queue System

Recognizing the importance of keeping players engaged, the developers have implemented a unique queuing system. Players can now enjoy Team Deathmatch while waiting for their competitive match, ensuring they are warmed up and ready to go. This feature, along with the ability to navigate the main menu and manage skins or practice at the shooting range, keeps the downtime engaging and productive.

No Room for Ties

In a significant departure from Quickplay matches, the Competitive mode in Breachers does not allow for ties or draws. Instead, an innovative system has been put in place where the highest-scoring team gets to choose the side they play on in an overtime round, ensuring a decisive outcome for every match.

Placement Matches and Rewards

Players must complete five placement matches to receive their initial rank, with subsequent matches influencing their skill point rating and rank. The rewards system is equally robust, offering competitive gun skins and in-game credits. Notably, players must participate in a minimum of 30 matches per season to claim their rewards, incentivizing consistent play and dedication.

Penalties for Abandonment

To maintain the integrity of the competitive experience, penalties for abandoning a match have been introduced. These range from skill point deductions to temporary bans from online play, underscoring the seriousness of the competitive mode.

Community Engagement

The team behind Breachers is actively engaging with their community, inviting players to join their Discord channel for direct communication and feedback. This level of interaction is a testament to the developers’ commitment to their player base and the continuous improvement of the game.


The Competitive Update – v19.3.2 for Breachers represents a significant milestone for the game and its community. With a structured ranking system, engaging queuing experience, and a clear path for progression and rewards, Breachers is poised to make a substantial impact on the VR eSports landscape. As players begin their journey from Bronze to Global Champion, the excitement is palpable, and the competition is sure to be fierce. Will you rise to the challenge and claim the title of Global Champion?

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