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Breathedge receives an adventure-packed VR spin-off

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Breathedge has rightfully been considered the space version of Subnautica – this game challenges you to survive in space all while completing various tasks and solving puzzles. The humorous aspect of Breathedge enhances the story progression and makes the act of exploring the outer universe more enjoyable. And since the number of players has been increasing, Breathedge’s fan base has started showing interest in incorporating VR into the game, as evidenced by Reddit discussions. Fortunately, the infamous space game will be receiving a VR spin-off.

Breathedge: Cosmic Cluck is hitting the Oculus Store this February

Hype Train Digital, the publisher of Breathedge, has surprised the game’s player base with the announcement of Breathedge: Cosmic Cluck – a VR spin-off that will be available for Quest 2/3 headsets this upcoming February 22nd. The price of this second installment will be $24.99, however all pre-orders receive a 20% discount.

What to expect from the spin-off

This VR re-imagined survival game will feature the foundation features of the original title, like gathering resources and exploring outer space, plus some new additions. In this version, you’ll be constantly accompanied by a talking Chicken, which will probably fascinate you not only with its appearance and spirited presence but also with its witty commentary and jokes.

Players will also get to create the ultimate survival tool, which will enable them to defeat enemies by throwing trash at them and even getting closer to floating space objects like asteroids and shipwrecks.

And as we’re speaking of trash, you’ll also be able to collect all types of garbage that have been discarded by people and the Evil Corporation. You’ll also get to visit various space farms, some of which may belong to odd yet intriguing personages like a hippie and an athlete.

Why we’d give Breathedge: Cosmic Cluck a try

VR games may not be as popular to the masses, yet, they do have a lot to offer through immersion features. That’s why it’s always fascinating to see how different the player experience is of the same game but in different formats. This can be testified by fans of Subnautica, who have shared great satisfaction with both the original title and its VR version. Many have even contested that Subnautica VR is far superior compared to its PC counterpart.

Therefore it would be incredibly fascinating to experiment with both Breathedge and Breathedge: Cosmic Cluck to compare the two and see for ourselves if the “VR treatment” has been executed properly. This is very important when it comes to navigation and controller use – components that can be hard to get right. However, since this spin-off is Quest 2/3 exclusive, we expect that no such issues will appear.

One thing’s for sure, listening to the Chicken’s humorous commentary is what will give the game a breath of life, which is another significant part of the immersion quality.

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