Bulletstorm VR Update 2

Bulletstorm VR Receives Update 2 with Enhanced Video Options and Key Fixes

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Bulletstorm VR, the virtual reality adaptation of the cult classic shooter, has rolled out its second major update, aiming to address a slew of issues that have marred the game’s release. Developed by People Can Fly and Incuvo S.A., the game initially launched to significant criticism over its performance and quality. However, the latest patch, referred to as “Update 2,” introduces new features and a host of fixes in an effort to improve the overall experience for players on PSVR2 and Steam VR.

New Video Options for Enhanced Visuals

The update brings a new video options menu that includes graphics presets and settings for Texture Quality, Shadow Quality, Volumetric Fog, and Anti-Aliasing. This addition allows players to customize the visual fidelity of the game to better match their hardware capabilities and personal preferences.

Key Fixes and AI Improvements

A significant portion of the update is dedicated to squashing bugs that have hindered gameplay. Several crashes that occurred under various scenarios have been addressed, and the “Red Barrels” achievement/trophy is now attainable. Progression blockers on levels such as “Last train from the explosion town” and “I don’t hold you accountable” have been fixed, along with a cutscene issue at the end of Act 3 and a progression halt in the prologue.

AI has also seen improvements, with new idle animations for companions and a fix for a blocker on the “On the Road to hell” level. The Heavy Echo’s model has been corrected, resolving an issue where the torso was swapped with that of an Echo Guard.

Sound and Music Enhancements

The update adds missing sound effects to Newsbots, Explosive barrels, and Elevator doors, and makes improvements to sound volumes. Overlapping dialogues have been fixed, contributing to a more cohesive audio experience.

Known Issues and Future Patches

Despite the progress made, the update notes acknowledge ongoing issues, such as the “Pest Control” achievement/trophy being unattainable and some sound effects and cutscene audio persisting even when the master volume is set to zero. The developers have committed to addressing these in future patches.

Community Feedback and Patch Reception

The community’s response to Bulletstorm VR’s troubled launch has been vocal, with many expressing disappointment in the game’s quality. The game was reportedly removed from the PlayStation Store due to its poor state, and players received refunds[4]. Despite this, the developers have continued to work on improving the game, with patches aimed at reducing crashes, enhancing AI, and making quality of life improvements.

About Bulletstorm VR

“Bulletstorm VR” is a virtual reality adaptation of the original “Bulletstorm” game, a first-person shooter developed by People Can Fly and Epic Games, and published by Electronic Arts in 2011. The VR version, developed in partnership with Incuvo and released on January 18th, 2024, brings the high-octane, skillpoint-driven gameplay of the original into immersive virtual reality. Players step into the boots of Grayson Hunt, a hotheaded space mercenary and exiled member of the elite assassin group Dead Echo, stranded on the hostile world of Stygia. The game is known for its creative combat system, encouraging players to execute stylish kills using a variety of weapons and the iconic Energy Leash for skillpoints. Despite its promise of action-packed encounters and unique combat opportunities, “Bulletstorm VR” has been criticized for its lack of fluidity, outdated mechanics, and visual downgrades compared to its flatscreen counterpart. It is available on Quest 2/3/Pro, PSVR 2, and PC VR platforms.

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