Bulletstorm VR review

Bulletstorm VR Review

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Genre: Action, FPS

Compatibility (headsets): Valve Index, PS VR2, Meta Quest 2,3, and Pro via Cable and Air Link

Platforms: Steam VR, PlayStation Store, Meta Store

Minimum requirements: Processor: Intel Core i6-10600/Ryzen 5 3600, Memory: 16 GB, Graphics: GeForce RTX 2060 or equivalent with 6 GB of video RAM, DirectX 11, Storage: 12 GB available space

Features: single / multiplayer, PVP

Release date: January 17, 2024

Developer: Incuvo

Price: 38.99 $

The release of ‘Bulletstorm VR’ has sparked interest among virtual reality enthusiasts, as it promises to offer a fresh perspective on the gameplay mechanics of the original game.

The game is a brutal first-person shooter created by Incuvo, who have also created “Layers of Fear VR” and “Super Hero Fight Club: Reloaded”.

While the initial release of ‘Bulletstorm’ in 2011 may have failed to capture significant attention, the VR adaptation aims to breathe new life into the franchise.

Gameplay Mechanics of Bulletstorm VR Quest 3

The gameplay mechanics of Bulletstorm VR offer a thrilling and immersive experience that combines intense combat, mind-bending VR features, and unique interactive elements.

One standout mechanic is the ability to flip people off, which adds a touch of humor and irreverence to the gameplay.

This VR immersion is further enhanced by the ability to walk on the side of a building, creating a mind-bending experience that truly transports you into the game world.

The flipping off mechanic and other VR-specific actions and movements add a level of interactivity and immersion that sets Bulletstorm VR apart from other games in the genre.

Visuals and Graphics in Bulletstorm VR Quest 3

I must say, the visuals in Bulletstorm VR are truly impressive. The graphics quality is top-notch, with stunning details and vibrant colors that enhance the overall immersive VR experience. The rendering distance is particularly noteworthy, allowing for a seamless and realistic environment.

Additionally, the VR-specific elements, like the floating hands and lack of legs, add to the unique charm of the Quest version. Walking on the side of a building is a mind-bending feature that truly showcases the potential of VR.

Cut Scenes in Bulletstorm VR Quest 3

Bulletstorm VR graphics

I was somewhat disappointed by the static cut scenes in Bulletstorm VR Quest 3. The game’s intense and action-packed gameplay had me fully immersed, but the cut scenes felt like a jarring interruption. I found myself wanting to skip them and get back to the thrilling VR experience.

While the visuals and graphics were impressive, the static nature of the cut scenes took away from the overall immersion. I hope that future reviews will cover the cut scenes in more detail, as I believe they could have been better executed to enhance the gameplay rather than detract from it.

Combat and Action in Bulletstorm VR Quest 3

Bulletstorm VR gameplay

While the static cut scenes in Bulletstorm VR Quest 3 left something to be desired, the combat and action in the game more than made up for it.

Engaging in VR-specific actions such as kicking and punching enemies added an extra layer of immersion. The variety of weapons available in the game allowed for different playstyles and strategies, and their effectiveness was satisfyingly brutal.

The fast-paced nature of the gameplay kept my adrenaline pumping, and I couldn’t get enough of the action-packed sequences. Overall, the combat and action in Bulletstorm VR Quest 3 delivered an intense and thrilling gameplay experience.


Like almost every game, Bulletstorm VR has its flaws:

1. Lackluster Storyline and Gameplay

With lackluster storytelling, Bulletstorm fails to captivate players and falls short of its potential. The lack of character development leaves players feeling disconnected from the game’s protagonists.

The game’s storyline fails to provide a compelling narrative, and the cutscenes are often intolerable, lacking in personality and depth. Furthermore, the gameplay itself lacks variety and objectives, resulting in a monotonous experience.

In addition, the game can be easily completed by taking cover and allowing health to regenerate, further diminishing the engagement factor.

2. Missed Potential and Lack of Creativity

Despite its initial promise, Bulletstorm ultimately falls short in terms of its potential and creative execution. The game suffers from conceptual shortcomings and a lack of enemy interaction, resulting in a repetitive and unengaging gameplay experience.

While the concept of using the leash in conjunction with weapons to creatively dispatch enemies is intriguing, it is not properly introduced or explored in the game. Additionally, the enemies do not react in unique ways to being shot, further diminishing the sense of creativity and variety.

Furthermore, the XP gained from killing enemies is more than enough to upgrade weapons, rendering the arsenal of big and brutal weapons largely unexciting to use, except for the sniper rifle.

Ultimately, Bulletstorm fails to deliver on its promise of innovative and engaging gameplay, leaving players wanting more.

3. New Additions Fail to Enhance Fun Factor

Continuing with the discussion on the shortcomings of Bulletstorm, the introduction of new additions fails to elevate the overall enjoyment of the game. Despite the inclusion of a new playable character, Trishka Nova, with energy blades for one-hit kills, the variety of weapons and gameplay still lack the necessary excitement.

While the addition of energy blades may seem like a promising enhancement, the execution falls short. The sound effects for the energy blades are buggy, adding to the lack of immersion.

4. Bugs and Unusable Menus in VR Experience

Amidst the immersive and technically advanced VR adaptation of Bulletstorm, significant issues arise in the form of bugs and unusable menus, detracting from the overall experience.

VR tracking issues plague the gameplay, causing frustration and immersion-breaking moments. Players may find themselves unable to accurately aim or interact with objects due to the unreliable tracking system. Additionally, hidden enemies and a low frame rate further hinder the VR experience, leading to missed opportunities for engaging in combat encounters.

The broken menus only exacerbate these problems, as users’ requests are often ignored, preventing them from accessing important features or adjusting settings to their preferences.

These issues significantly impact the enjoyment and usability of Bulletstorm in VR, tarnishing what could have been a compelling and immersive experience.

Reception and Our Verdict

We meet this game with a mixed reception. While the VR immersion in this game is truly impressive, pulling you into its intense gameplay experience from the moment you put on the headset, there are many bugs that could ruin the overall enjoyment.

The fast-paced combat, combined with the ability to kick and punch enemies, creates a sense of adrenaline and excitement that’s hard to match.

The visuals and graphics enhance the immersive experience, with impressive rendering distance and VR-specific elements that truly immerse you in the game world.

While there are some static cut scenes that may disappoint some players, the overall intensity of the gameplay more than makes up for it. However, 2023 was a great year for the VR gaming industry, and there were other plenty of good VR shooter games worth checking out. Also, in 2024 we expect nothing less than that, so make sure to keep an eye on the upcoming VR shooter games in 2024.

The game rates 5/10 in Steam out of 56 reviews, most of them negative, 2.9/5 out of 93 reviews in Meta Store, and 2.37/5 in PlayStation Store out of 94 reviews.


In conclusion, Bulletstorm VR on the Quest 3 delivers an intense and action-packed gameplay experience that’s truly unique in the world of virtual reality. However, the game could be executed much better and has some obvious flaws.

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