C-smash VRS review

C-Smash VRS: Virtual Reality Gaming Revolution

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Genre: Music & Rhythm, Puzzle, Sports
Compatibility (headsets): Meta Quest 2,3 and Pro, PS VR2
Platforms: Meta Store, PlayStation Store
Features: single / multiplayer, co-op
Release date: April 4, 2024
Developer: Wolf & Wood Interactive Ltd.
Price: 19.99 $

C-Smash VRS is a virtual reality game that combines elements of squash and Breakout in a futuristic space setting.

The game’s fast-paced gameplay and strategic challenges have attracted players from various locations.

One distinguishing feature of C-Smash VRS is its immersive virtual world, where players can explore a space station and refine their target-hitting skills.

The game offers an engaging experience that can captivate players for extended periods as they navigate through the virtual environment and strategize their moves

One notable aspect is the integration of low-gravity dynamics, adding a new dimension to the gaming experience. Additionally, the game utilizes tactile feedback haptics to enhance player interaction with the virtual environment. These features suggest a shift in traditional gaming conventions, offering players a novel perspective on gameplay.

As players delve into C-Smash VRS, they encounter a blend of challenges and opportunities within the virtual world. This mix of gameplay elements indicates a potential evolution in how virtual reality gaming is approached and enjoyed. Overall, C-Smash VRS stands out for its innovative approach to VR gaming, providing users with a fresh and engaging experience.

Gameplay Mechanics Overview

C-smash VRS graphics

C-Smash in Virtual Reality gaming incorporates gameplay mechanics reminiscent of 8-bit classics such as breakout and arcanoid. It combines elements of squash and Breakout within a space-theme setting. Players manipulate a paddle in a first-person perspective to hit a ball towards a wall of bricks. The game’s low-gravity environment and specific physics mechanics contribute to the gameplay depth.

Actions like strafing, crouching, and utilizing various controller functions enhance the player’s interaction. C-Smash includes single-player modes like Zen mode for relaxation and Galaxy levels for more challenging gameplay.

The combination of classic game inspirations and modern VR technology offers a unique and engaging gaming experience for players looking for a blend of nostalgia and innovation.

Whether engaging in online multiplayer matches or the solo Journey mode, players can expect an interactive experience that tests their gaming abilities. C-Smash VRS offers a unique twist on traditional squash gameplay within a futuristic virtual world.

Graphics and Performance Details

The graphics and performance of C-Smash in Virtual Reality play a crucial role in enhancing the gameplay experience.

The game features a visually appealing environment reminiscent of Superhot, with crystalline characters that contribute to a futuristic design.

Operating at a consistent 90 frames per second without any reprojection, players can enjoy a smooth and visually immersive experience.

The haptics provided by the sense controller add tactile feedback, enhancing the gameplay further.

These graphics and performance elements not only enhance the visual appeal but also contribute to the overall immersive nature of the game, making C-Smash a noteworthy title in the realm of Virtual Reality gaming.

Modes and Challenges Breakdown

C-Smash offers a variety of single-player and multiplayer modes that present diverse challenges for players to test their skills and strategic thinking. In single-player mode, players have the option to relax in Zen mode or take on the more intense Galaxy levels. The Challenge mode emphasizes efficient route planning through levels, focusing on hitting blocks in the correct order and utilizing power-ups to progress. Players need to complete stages swiftly to earn bonus time.

One of the key features of C-Smash VRS is its online multiplayer mode, which allows players to compete against each other in virtual matches. In multiplayer mode, players can engage in different gameplay experiences such as Head to Head, Firewall, Body Shots, and Quickshot, each offering unique competitive experiences. C-Smash effectively combines strategic elements with skill-based challenges to keep players entertained and engaged.

Multiplayer Experience Insights

C-smash VRS multiplayer mode

The Multiplayer Experience in C-Smash offers a range of gameplay interactions tailored to players seeking competitive engagement and strategic challenges. The game features modes such as Head to Head, Firewall, Body Shots, and Quickshot, each designed to cater to different preferences.

Versus Mode: This mode allows players to compete head-to-head in intense matches where the objective is to outscore the opponent by hitting targets and performing trick shots.

Co-op Mode: In this mode, players can team up with a friend to play side-by-side, aiming to achieve the highest score together. It’s designed to enhance teamwork and synchronization between players.

Head-to-Head: This competitive mode pits players against each other to see who can hit the most targets within a set time limit. It emphasizes speed and accuracy.

Firewall: This mode involves strategic gameplay where players must defend their side while trying to break through the opponent’s defenses.

Quickshot: A fast-paced mode where players need to hit targets as quickly as possible, testing their reflexes and quick decision-making skills.

Infinity Mode: This mode challenges players to dodge and smash oncoming hazards. It can be played solo or in a cooperative setting, focusing on endurance and agility.

These modes are designed to provide a mix of competitive and cooperative experiences, enhancing the game’s replay value and social interaction.

Body Shots mode intensifies gameplay with simultaneous ball action, requiring precision from players.


The game has 4.4/5 in Mete Store from 46 votes and 4.06/5 from 302 reviews in PlayStation Store.


In conclusion, C-Smash VRS offers a unique and engaging experience for VR gaming enthusiasts.

With its blend of classic gameplay mechanics, visually appealing environment, and diverse modes catering to both single-player and multiplayer engagement, the game stands out in the virtual reality gaming landscape.

The low-gravity setting, tactile feedback haptics, and smooth performance enhance the immersive experience for players, making C-Smash VRS a noteworthy addition to the world of VR gaming.

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