Catatonic: Be Afraid!

Catatonic (http://catatonic.co) is a virtual horror experience, taking place in a 1940’s insane asylum. The project was directed by Guy Shelmerdine for Vrse.works with Moving Pictures as partner for the VR post-production. While Catatonic is still in the making, it does look like it is going to be the crown jewel of Virtual Reality horror! This quote from Catatonic’s official website, seems to say it all:

“the many moving parts of catatonic build to a cacophony of terror and depravity one has to experience to believe.”

What else is there to say? Sign up for the coco’s nest and your rolling seat in a top-level 1940’s insane asylum, and prepare for what looks to be one of the most polished horror experiences in VR history.

You can read more about the project on http://www.catatonic.co/, or take a look at their 2015 SXSW Press Release.

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