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Competitive Gorilla Tag Soccer (CGTS) League – Everything You Need to Know

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Are you ready to dive into the exciting world of Gorilla Tag Soccer? Whether you’re new to the game or a seasoned pro, the Competitive Gorilla Tag Soccer (CGTS) League is the ultimate place for you! Full disclosure—this league is run by me, so I’m definitely biased. But trust me, it’s a blast! Join us and become part of an awesome community.

Who We Are

CGTS is a league dedicated to the fun and competitive sport of Gorilla Tag Soccer. Built by the community for the community, we host thrilling livestreams every weekend and help players improve their skills. We’re a group of passionate Gorilla Tag players who’ve come together to create a league where dreams thrive, and everyone has a blast.

What We Do

In celebration of the soccer pitch in the beach map of Gorilla Tag, we’ve created a league that’s all about Gorilla Tag Soccer. We livestream matches featuring teams, solos, and duos, offering a variety of gameplay options. Whether you’re a strategic solo player, a dynamic duo, or part of a high-energy team, there’s something for everyone in CGTS.

Why You Should Join

Join CGTS for an excellent community and loads of matches you can participate in. We host events every morning at 10 am EST and have a friendly group of experienced members ready to help you grow and have fun. As the coolest Gorilla Tag Soccer league in the world, we’re all about fun, competition, and community.

Gorilla Tag Soccer information

Community and Culture

Our community is very welcoming, with players from all backgrounds. We pride ourselves on being inclusive and supportive, ensuring you’ll always find someone to play with or just hang out. The CGTS community is active and vibrant, with ongoing discussions, strategy sharing, and plenty of opportunities to make new friends.

How to Join

Finding CGTS is easy! Head to our YouTube channel, and click on the link in the description to join our Discord server. Once you’re there, the community will help you get started as a player. Whether you’re looking to join your first match or aiming to climb the ranks, we’re here to guide you.

What If I’m Not Good?

No worries! CGTS is all about growth and improvement. We’ll help you improve and become a great player. Everyone starts somewhere, and we’re here to support your journey. With regular practice, guidance from experienced players, and participation in matches, you’ll see your skills grow in no time.

Commonly Asked Questions

Is the Community Friendly? 

Absolutely! Our community is very welcoming, with players from all backgrounds. We’re active and accepting, ensuring you’ll always find someone to play with or just hang out.

How Can I Improve Once I Get Better? 

Watching YouTube tutorials and gameplay from experienced players can provide valuable insights. Copying the moves of top players in leagues can help you refine your techniques. Regular practice and watching others play are key to continuous improvement.

What Should I Avoid? 

Avoid being toxic. Toxic behavior can annoy other players and lead to getting kicked off teams. Stay positive and respectful to maintain a good reputation in the community.

Advanced Techniques

Branch Hopping: This technique involves jumping from branch to branch without touching the ground. It’s an excellent way to stay mobile and avoid being tagged. Practice this by finding a densely populated tree area and moving quickly between branches.

Speed Boosting: Use rapid, short arm movements to gain speed. The faster you can move your arms, the faster your gorilla will move. This is particularly useful for escaping taggers in a pinch.

Predictive Movement: Try to anticipate the movements of the taggers. By predicting their paths, you can make more strategic decisions about where to move next. This involves a lot of quick thinking and situational awareness.

Tips for New Players

Practice Makes Perfect: Regular practice is key to improving your skills. Join casual matches to get better. 

Watch and Learn: Observe experienced players in our livestreams and YouTube videos. Learning from the best can give you valuable insights. 

Stay Positive: Keep a positive attitude and enjoy the game. Improvement comes with time and effort.


Ready to join the fun? CGTS offers a community to belong to and loads of exciting experiences. Join us and compete in the ultimate Gorilla Tag Soccer league! Dive in, improve your skills, and most importantly, have a blast!

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