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Cosmodread PSVR2 – is it worth it?

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Genre: action, adventure, indie
Compatibility (headsets): Steam VR, PS VR2
Platforms: Steam Store, PlayStation Store
Minimum requirements: Processor: i5-4590/AMD FX 8350 (or equivalent), Memory: 4 GB RAM, Graphics: Nvidia GTX 970/AMD R9 290 (or equivalent), DirectX 11, Storage: 3 GB available space
Features: single / multiplayer
Release date: May 25, 2021
Developer: White Door Games
Price: 14.99$

Cosmodread PSVR2 is the sequel to the cult classic Dreadhalls. It is an intense procedurally generated roguelike survival horror game. Players are thrown into a massive, infested ship and must manage resources such as oxygen, ammo, and health while navigating the ship’s randomly generated layout.

You’ll take on the role of a lone astronaut, venturing into a procedurally generated spaceship filled with nightmarish creatures.

With its use of shadows, flickering lights, and monsters lurking in the darkness, Cosmodread creates a tense atmosphere and provides a unique virtual reality experience.

Graphics & Visuals

With its substantial graphical upgrade and sophisticated lighting design, Cosmodread is an immersive and visually stunning VR experience.

The game’s artistic style creates a dark and threatening atmosphere, with slightly muddy textures and some performance issues on lower-end hardware.

The PC version has sharper visuals and improved performance compared to the console version. The lighting design adds to the atmosphere, while the dynamic and unnerving gore-like growths give the ship personality.

Procedural Generation

All of Cosmodread’s gameplay is procedurally generated, making each playthrough unique. This adds replayability and variety while also increasing the impact on immersion and atmosphere.

The layout of the ship is constantly shifting, creating an unpredictable experience for players. The game’s lighting design and gore-like growth add to the atmosphere, and the procedural generation means that no two playthroughs of the game will be the same.

This keeps the game engaging and fresh and helps to create a sense of tension and paranoia. The procedural generation adds to the horror experience, making the game more unpredictable and frightening. In our opinion, this is what makes the game unique compared to other similar VR horror games.

Character Design

You’ll be terrified by the varied and unnerving creature designs in Cosmodread. From face-hugger-like spider creatures to bipedals with mouths in their upper torsos, the game impresses with its creature variety and terrifying visuals.

The creatures become even scarier when seen creeping around in the shadows of VR, adding a unique level of horror to the experience.

The variation and quality of the creature designs contribute to the overall atmosphere of the game, creating a dark and threatening environment that will leave you on edge.

Cosmodread’s character design is a masterclass in horror game design, and its creatures are sure to leave a lasting impression.

Sound Design

Immerse yourself in Cosmodread’s dynamic sound effects and creepy music design. The sound design is a masterclass in horror game audio, creating an immersive atmosphere that heightens the horror experience. The ship creaks, electrical hums, and organic growth sounds add to the tension and paranoia.

The music is often understated, allowing the sound effects to take center stage. This creates a feeling of uneasiness as players are kept guessing what could be lurking around the next corner. The 3D sound mix is top-notch, allowing players to pinpoint the location of enemies and giving them a better chance of survival.

The role of sound in Cosmodread is essential to creating and maintaining tension and atmosphere.

Gameplay and Features

Cosmodread VR gameplay

Cosmodread is a rogue-lite game with procedurally generated environments, items, and weapons, providing a different experience with each run.

The game starts immediately with no cutscenes or story, throwing the player onto a massive ship infested with enemies.

Resource management and crafting mechanics are essential for survival, with each item found on the ship able to be scrapped for crafting materials.

Audio logs provide backstory and tips on enemy weaknesses and strategies, while collectible zip drives contain blueprints for crafting weapons, ammo, and expanding inventory.

Your task is to escape a spaceship by repairing its primary systems and piloting back to Earth.

You start with one weapon and limited ammo and must explore the ship and mentally map your journey. The central hub of the ship contains a fabricator, where you can create weapons, armor, and consumables using materials found throughout the ship.

Death is permanent, resetting you with a new ship layout and enemies. Energy cells are scattered throughout the ship, used to power equipment and lights, and craftable items require energy for creation.

You start with a simple crossbow and can discover weapon attachments, better ammo, and more powerful weapons. Be sure to balance your ammo with other consumables for the best chance at survival.

Cosmo Dread’s gameplay is intense and thrilling, and its horror atmosphere adds to the tension.


The controls in Cosmodread are simple and polished, using motion controllers for interaction. This makes the game accessible to a wider range of players, allowing anyone to dive into the horror experience.

Motion controllers provide a more immersive experience compared to traditional controllers, with the ability to interact with the environment and enemies in a more natural way. There are also accessibility options for different control schemes, allowing players to customize the game to their preferences.

The control scheme is easy to pick up, and the lack of running ability is a minor complaint that doesn’t detract from the overall experience. Cosmodread succeeds in providing a unique and entertaining control scheme that immerses players in the horror experience.

Difficulty and Randomness

Cosmodread VR graphics

Although the game is challenging, the real difficulty lies in the randomness of the levels. Each run presents a unique challenge, as the layout of the ship, items, and enemies is procedurally generated. Skill-based challenges are ever-present, as the player must manage resources and defeat enemies while exploring the ship.

Unpredictable encounters force players to be always on their toes, never sure what the next room will bring. Difficulty ebbs and flows can be frustrating, but the randomness keeps the game interesting.

Unlockable mods provide additional variety and challenges to keep the gameplay interesting. Cosmodread exemplifies survival horror with unpredictable encounters and skill-based challenges.

What we didn`t like about Cosmodread

Unfortunately, Cosmodread suffers from occasional frame rate issues and items falling out of hand due to environmental collisions. It also lacks haptic feedback in the controllers, making the lack of impact in firing weapons noticeable.

Additionally, some players may find the procedurally generated levels to be too repetitive and monotonous. As a result, the game may not appeal to everyone, and those who are not fans of the genre should approach with caution.

Recommendation and Our Verdict

Overall, Cosmodread is an excellent offering for fans of roguelike and survival horror genres. It combines elements from Spelunky and first-person VR horror, making it a perfect game for fans of those genres.

With its procedurally generated ship layout, difficulty progression, crafting mechanics, and tense atmosphere, the game keeps players engaged and on their toes.

Unlockable mods provide additional variety and challenges to keep the gameplay interesting.

The overall rating in Steam is 9/10. It has received 342 reviews so far in the platform, most of which are very positive.

The game may not appeal to everyone, but those who are looking for a unique and immersive VR experience should definitely give Cosmodread a try. Make sure to check out what other VR Horror games are about to get released in 2024.


Cosmodread is an impressive game that offers an intense horror experience in VR. With stunning visuals, dynamic sound design, and intense gameplay mechanics, Cosmodread is a premier horror game.

It’s a challenging yet rewarding experience that’s sure to keep players on the edge of their seats. If you’re looking for a thrilling VR experience, Cosmodread is the perfect choice.

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