DCS VR with a new update from Dec 28. 2023

DCS World with a new update – Dec 28, 2023

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DCS World, the popular combat flight simulator, has recently rolled out a series of updates and fixes to enhance the gaming experience. The updates span across various aircraft models, weapons, and map features, addressing issues and adding new functionalities.

AI Aircraft Adjustments

Fire and smoke adjustments have been made for AI planes, including F-5E, F-86F, L-39, MiG-15bis, A-10A, Su-27, Su-33, F-15C, MiG-29A/S, MiG-31, Su-24M/MR, Tu-22M3, Yak-40, and KC-135. These adjustments aim to improve the realism of the game, enhancing the visual effects of engine smoke.

Weapons and Systems

The Ka-50 helicopter has seen a significant change in its Igla missile system. Previously, when launched without a locked target, the Igla missile would turn with maximum g-load and lock onto its own aircraft. Now, the missile will fly straight in an uncontrolled flight, enhancing the realism and tactical use of this weapon.

The TF-51D now has a RADIO tab in its properties, adding the radio panel to this aircraft.

The FLIR (Forward Looking Infrared) system has also been updated, with the IR Moon representation in daytime light conditions corrected.

Additionally, a TV/CCD sensor issue at night with ZOOM has been fixed, improving lightmap performance for narrow FOV.

Aircraft-Specific Updates

Several aircraft have received specific updates. The AH-64D, Mi-24P Hind, F/A-18C, F-16C Viper, F-14 Tomcat, AJS-37 Viggen, Black Shark 3, UH-1H Huey, and JF-17 have all seen fixes and additions. These range from fixing crashes and launch issues to adding new features like the TARPS pod for the F-14 Tomcat.

The F/A-18C has received a significant update with the 2023 edition of the RU Hornet manual. This includes a new radar section, added ATFLIR, Litening II, JHMCS section, SLAM and SLAM-ER weapon sections, an ASPJ section, and an expanded NAV section.

Map and Campaign Updates

The Persian Gulf Map has seen a fix to the Flat Shadows Blur option, which previously created shadows going toward the Sun.

 In the campaigns, the DCS: P-51D Debden Eagles Campaign has added special liveries for P-47, Spitfire, and Yak-52, and corrected the position of every P-51.

These updates reflect the ongoing commitment of the DCS World team to improve the gaming experience, addressing issues and adding new features to enhance the realism and functionality of the simulator.

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