DEMEO receives a ranked mode update

Demeo Battles introduces exciting updates including “ranked mode”, new in-game events and more

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Those familiar with Demeo must have also tried Demeo Battles which emphasizes on the fast-paced intense PvP combat gameplay. Although not as popular the latter title has its perks too – the short and intense battles in specific arenas contribute to the game’s replay value and makes it suitable for those who’re not ready to engage in longer or cooperative gaming sessions. Fortunately, Revolution Games have prepared a set of updates which will surprise dedicated Demeo Battles players and may even lure regular Demeo fans of trying the other entry in the infamous franchise.

Ranked mode comes to Demeo Battles

Ever since the game’s initial launch, the developers have been keeping in mind the option of integrating “ranked mode”. This feature would enable players to set goals, be more competitive and seize up their respective opponents. Tommy Palm, Resolution Game’s CEO, has shared that Demeo Battles has a diverse player some – some gamers are all about facing challenging competitors and ranking up the hierarchy, whereas others prefer a more relaxed gameplay. The introduction of ranked mode, will give any player type the preferred form gameplay.

Ranked mode will have month-long seasons which would enable players to climb up the ladder – from Bronze to Ace. At the end of each season you’ll have access to the locked leaderboards where all participants will see where they’ve positioned in the final run-down.

What else will Demeo Battles’ fans have access to?

These are the other free updates, Mets Quest, SteamVR and Pico players of the game will be able to take advantage of:

In-game events

New in-game themed events will take place every month. “Rat Week” is the name of the first event, which will take place during April 15th to 22nd. That means that rats will have a 30% discount in the game’s shop and players will be more likely to use them as minions during the battles. With that being said, each month a new theme will be announced in the game, which will impact what’s available in the store. News regarding these event will be shared on Deme Battle’s Dicord, X and Facebook pages.

10 new single-player challenges

Some of the new single-player challenges will be:

  • Sudden Death – an all Assassin challenge
  • Arachnocalypse – in this challenge players will have two Hunters to defeat a pair of Guardians with a posse of giant spiders
  • Nexus – in which the player will be Warlock and Barbarian set against another Warlock/Barbarian pair and will be featuring a bevy of Portals, Detect Enemies and Ballista.

New arenas and skins

Three new arenas will be available in demeo Battles, plus players will have the chance of obtaining new skins like the Frostfall skin for the Barbarian and the Troubador skin for the Bard and many more.

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