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Demo Version of ‘Horror Tales: The Beggar’ Now Playable on Steam, Featuring New Content and Encouraging Player Feedback

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In a thrilling update for horror game enthusiasts, the demo for “Horror Tales: The Beggar” has been released on Steam, offering players a sneak peek into the game’s chilling narrative and innovative gameplay. Developed by Carlos Coronado, the game is set to officially launch on June 17, 2024, and promises a unique blend of horror, combat, and psychological twists.

Demo Release and Features

The demo, now available for free on Steam, showcases sections from the first four levels of “Horror Tales: The Beggar.” This early access allows players to experience the game’s mechanics, which include survival horror elements and time manipulation, adding a layer of complexity and engagement to the gameplay. The demo’s release is a strategic move to gather player feedback and boost anticipation ahead of the full game’s release, which will also see a 40% discount on launch day.

Community Engagement and Localization Efforts

In an impressive display of community involvement, the game’s developer has also introduced community localizations, enabling the translation of the game into multiple languages including Brazilian Portuguese and German. This initiative was met with enthusiastic participation from the community, with two members already contributing to these translations within a day of the announcement. The developer has expressed gratitude towards these contributors and has even included easter eggs in the demo as a nod to their efforts.

Technical Adaptability

“Horror Tales: The Beggar” is designed to be accessible on various hardware, from high-end PCs to Steamdeck and lower-end computers. Despite the advanced graphics powered by Unreal Engine 5, the game includes a robust video settings menu that allows players to adjust the graphics to suit their system’s capabilities, ensuring smooth gameplay across different devices.

Call to Action for Feedback

The developer encourages all players to try out the demo and share their feedback on the Steam Discussion forums. This feedback is crucial for making final adjustments before the game’s full release, demonstrating the developer’s commitment to delivering a polished and player-focused experience.


“Horror Tales: The Beggar” is not just a game; it’s a testament to innovative horror game development and community involvement. With its upcoming release, enhanced by player feedback and broad accessibility, the game is set to make a significant impact on the horror gaming landscape.

Horror Tales: The Beggar

“Horror Tales: The Beggar” is an upcoming horror game developed by solo developer Carlos Coronado, set to release on Xbox Series and PlayStation 5. The game is a dynamic fusion of physics-based combat and mind-bending puzzles, set in the aftermath of a catastrophic event that intertwines terror and science fiction amidst the ruins of a shattered world. Players will navigate through a treacherous landscape shaped by cataclysmic forces, engaging in physics-based combat that adheres to the laws of the game world. The game leverages the transformative power of Unreal Engine 5 to deliver breathtakingly realistic environments and a heightened sense of realism. The physical PlayStation 5 edition, created by Tesura Games, includes the full game, a digital voucher for “Horror Tales: The Wine,” an exclusive reversible cover, and a luminescent sleeve.

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