different types of vr games

Different Types of VR Games

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When it comes to story plot and environment, games come in all types of variations.  Just like readers, gamers have specific genre preferences when it comes to their choices of gaming experience. There are quite a few genres of VR games that have been very consistent on VR gaming platforms. The following is a categorization of the most commonly developed and played types of VR games.

Key Takeaways

  • Action and Thrill VR games provide an adrenaline-packed experience, engaging all the senses for a fully immersive adventure.
  • Exploration and Adventure VR games allow users to explore different worlds and experience epic adventures like climbing Mt. Everest or exploring the depths of the ocean.
  • Sports Simulation VR games provide a realistic experience of being a sports hero, allowing users to feel like they are right inside the game and pushing the boundaries of sports gaming.
  • Storytelling and Role-play VR games immerse users in wacky narratives, allowing them to live another life in a realistic way and providing an escape from real-world implications.

Exploration games

These games allow you to explore different worlds or experience the thrill of climbing Mt. Everest, diving into the depths of the ocean, or wandering aimlessly in an imaginary world. They are suitable for both beginners and pro gamers because they offer a wide range of adventures to choose from, and thanks to the VR technology, you can experience a heightened sense of presence and engagement, as well as enhanced hand-eye coordination and spatial awareness skills.


Adventure games emphasize one intriguing storyline, which the gamer follows. There are new worlds to discover and challenges to overcome. Moss: Book II, Lone Echo, and Half-Life: Alyx are among the most played adventure games. Of course, many games fall into two or more categories, i.e., Vampire: The Masquerade – Justice, which is an adventure game with RPG elements, and by the way, it is the most anticipated VR game for our team.

Open world

A game with an open-world design allows players to explore a non-linear game world. They can wander freely around the environment, which contains various areas and structures that can be accessed at any time. Great examples of open-world VR games are No Man’s Sky, Into the Radius, and Stormland.

Action games

If you’re seeking an adrenaline-packed experience, then VR action games can offer you just that. Become the hero or villain in an epic adventure and engage all your senses for an immersive experience. Move your whole body to explore and actively engage with the virtual environment and enjoy the thrills of racing and combat.

Since action games require more movement, enhancing the gaming experience with add-on accessories like a wrist tracker or a more comfortable headset strap is recommended.

Shooter games

The main goal in any shooter VR game is to defeat your enemies with the help of firearms, long-range weapons, and grenades. Some of the most popular first-person shooter (FPS) games are Pavlov, Boneworks, and Superhot.

Combat games

Unlike shooter games, combat games don’t involve only the use of weapons, the players are set to perform all kinds of martial arts in order to defeat the enemy. Blade and Sorcery, Gorn, and Battle Talent are great examples of VR combat games.

Platform games

Platformers, a.k.a. jump and run games, are a subgenre of action games. Usually, you have to move your character between different points (platforms) while avoiding obstacles and fighting with enemies. This is one of the oldest genres of video games in general because you can get the most of them even in a 2D environment, in contrast to action games or shooters, for example. Iconic platform games are Sonic and Mario, which evolved into huge franchises. Popular platformers for VR are Astrobot and No More Rainbows

Sports games

From ice hockey to marathon running, you can feel like you’re right inside the game. It’s an adrenaline-filled experience that pushes the boundaries of sports gaming.

You’ll be able to hone your hand-eye coordination and spatial awareness skills as you tackle virtual sports challenges. You can even find some sports games that are made specifically for girls. With motion features and realistic simulations, sports VR games can provide a unique and engaging experience.

Sony Creed Rise of Glory, All-in-one sports, and Eleven Table Tennis are great examples of VR sports games. Here, we have compiled a list of sports VR games that we recommend.

Racing games

VR Racing games revolve around racing competitions in which the player must strive to finish first. There are karting, F1 style, and other types of VR racing games that allow the player to enter a virtually simulated race. Gran Turismo 7, Assetto Corsa, and Dash Dash World are very popular VR racing games, and F1 23 is one of the latest Formula 1 simulators out there, released on 15.06.2023

Rhythmic games

Rhythm-based VR games involve music as the main focus of the gameplay. The player’s sense of rhythm is best tested during such challenges. Some of the most played rhythmic VR games are Beat Saber and Synth Riders.

Artistic games

VR games are not only action- and thrill-packed; there are games designed to help you experience the world of art and creativity. Tap into your creativity in an immersive environment with a headset, speakers, and small displays. Get the sensory experience of art with trigger controls, and explore different worlds. Artistic VR games offer a unique way to explore and appreciate art and provide a chance to unwind.

Painting VR, Let’s Create Pottery, and Kingsplay Graffiti are great artistic VR games that give you the freedom to make your own decisions in shaping the virtual world.

Survival and Horror VR games

Take on the role of a lone survivor in a post-apocalyptic world, fight off zombies and monsters, or explore a mysterious and dangerous world. Survival and horror VR games are the closest thing to being in horror movies and make your hair stand on end.

With state-of-the-art virtual reality technology, these games will put your bravery to the test. Be prepared to use all your skills to survive in a world full of danger and uncertainty. Feel the adrenaline as you battle for your life and use your wits and strategy to stay alive.

Some of the most infamous survival VR games are The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners and Fallout 4.

Strategy games

Strategy games are aimed at those who prefer testing their decision-making instead of physical skills. Such games involve the use of different strategies that would best benefit the player’s outcome in the game.

Puzzle games

Puzzle games involve not only putting together a puzzle but also solving logically demanding challenges, which would enable you to move forward in the game. The 7th Guest, I Expect You to Die and Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes are among the most played VR puzzle games.

Building games

Building games don’t only revolve around the building of a city; for example, they require complex decisions about resource management and city planning. Townsmen VR is a good example of a VR-building game.

Simulation games

Simulation VR games are based on mimicked real-life activities and scenarios. That means that the player is put in a virtual reality form of a real-life environment and has to complete certain tasks, depending on the main aim of the game. The most notorious simulation game is VRChat, which offers social interaction opportunities in a virtual environment.

Board games

You can find almost any classic board game, like chess, checkers, etc., in VR form. Catan VR and Board Games VR are very accessible, family-friendly virtual reality experiences

Sandbox games

A video game that offers the player a great amount of liberty to explore and interact with its world in an unrestricted way is called a sandbox game. These games usually have open-world settings that the player can freely explore rather than having to follow a specific set of objectives or a predetermined path. Sandbox VR and Minecraft VR are among the most played sandbox VR games.

Role-play games

RPG VR games allow you to step into the shoes of all types of characters – from Vikings and assassins to magical creatures. Such games enable you to discover a unique way to explore and appreciate art or escape to another life in a realistic, immersive environment.

Role-play games offer a wacky narrative, complete freedom to make decisions, and no real-world implications. With hundreds of hours of RPG experience behind my back, I can easily say this is my favorite genre, even though VR is not the best platform for long gaming; probably that is why most VR games are rather short.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR and Moss are among the most played RPG VR games.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Get Started With Virtual Reality Gaming?

To get started with virtual reality gaming, you’ll need a compatible headset and input device. Take some time to explore the different types of games and experiences available to find what best suits you.

Are There Virtual Reality Games Suitable for Children?

Yes, there are virtual reality games suitable for children, like Angry Birds VR, Tilt Brush, Job Simulator, and Fruit Ninja VR.

What Hardware Do I Need to Play Virtual Reality Games?

To play VR games, you’ll need a VR headset, such as the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive, plus a compatible gaming PC or console. You may also need controllers and tracking sensors, depending on the game.

Which Virtual Reality Games Are the Most Popular?

Beat Saber, Half-Life: Alyx, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and No Man’s Sky are the most well-known VR games.

Is Virtual Reality Gaming Suitable for People With Disabilities?

Yes, with immersive experiences, adjustable settings, and adapted controls, VR games can provide a great way for those with disabilities to engage with the world around them, develop new skills, and overcome physical limitations.

What are the latest trends in VR games?

Some of the latest trends in the VR gaming industry that we have seen in 2023 include a focus on mixed reality games, competitive VR gaming, and developing games with hyper-realistic visuals. Also, here you can keep an eye on all upcoming VR games.


Experiencing the thrill of the unknown, the joy of success, and the satisfaction of creating something beautiful is all possible with the help of a VR headset.

From exploring unknown worlds and fighting off enemies to playing sports and creating art, VR offers something for everyone. All you have to do is experiment and find which type of VR games suits your taste.

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