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Types of VRChat Worlds

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As one of the most popular social VR platforms, VRChat is built upon a massive amount of user-generated content. This has resulted in the forming of different types of worlds within this VR universe, each of which has specific purposes and features. In order to find out which worlds would suit best the user’s interest, it’s essential that they’re aware of the different world categories there are in VRChat.

Key Takeaways

  • VRChat offers a wide range of worlds to suit different preferences.
  • Hangout worlds in VRChat provide a platform for relaxation and social engagement.
  • Visualizer worlds in VRChat offer immersive, audio-visual experiences that respond to music.
  • Artistic experiences in VRChat allow users to explore and experience different art forms.

What are VRChat Worlds?

VRChat worlds are virtual environments that range from atmospheric homes to interactive, cooperative virtual games that you can explore and enjoy with others – from the comfort of your own home. These worlds are created by the community using the VRChat platform and provide a variety of exciting experiences. You can find atmospheric homes, interactive games, and much more.

There are over 25,000 community-created worlds, giving you endless possibilities for social VR. When selecting a world, it’s important to take into account how many players are active. Fewer players can make an interesting world less enjoyable.

If you want to check the list of Top 10 VRChat worlds that you must visit, make sure to check our guide.

Avatars Worlds

You can discover hundreds of avatars for your VRChat experience by exploring the various avatar worlds available. Avatars Worlds are virtual environments created by players where users can select avatars to use.

Popular avatar worlds include Mids Ava World for anime avatars, DBG 2.0 for sci-fi avatars, and Pasta Alfredo Avatars for pasta-themed avatars.

All of these worlds can be accessed by entering a world ID or searching for them within the game. You can easily find avatars based on pop culture, memes, video games, and more.

Photography Worlds

This category on VRChat features various worlds that are suitable for taking pictures. These stunningly beautiful spots are the perfect place to capture stunning shots that will captivate your viewers. With the VRC Lens, you can dive into the depths of these worlds, adjusting the camera’s depth of field to capture the perfect image.

Whether you’re looking for breathtaking landscapes, unique architecture, or serene settings, these photography worlds provide the perfect backdrop to capture your memories. You can also share your amazing photos with friends and family on social media.

Horror Worlds

VRchat Horror Worlds review

If you’re looking for a thrill, you’ll find plenty of horror worlds in VRChat. Poko Pea Land is a great place to start, with its silly graphics and haunted house. Devouring is another popular horror world, taking you to a mysterious mansion.

Whether you’re looking for a lighthearted Halloween experience or full-fledged gameplay, VRChat horror worlds provide plenty of options. From horror mazes to eerie graveyards, you can explore and enjoy the creepy atmosphere.

Exploration Worlds

VRChat exploration worlds offer a vast, immersive experience for those who wish to discover new virtual places. These visually stunning environments are full of hidden areas to uncover and interactive elements to discover. Examples include ‘Eternal Ash’, ‘Eventide’, ‘Luxerion World’, ‘Stormy Cave’, ‘Pandora series’, and ‘Sailing’.

For recommendations, users can turn to VRChat communities on Twitter and Reddit. With a wide range of worlds, users will find something to fit their interests and explore the vibrant VRChat user community.

Comfy Worlds

Often, users seek out VRChat’s Comfy Worlds to escape the stresses of everyday life and enjoy a safe, cozy atmosphere. Popular worlds include Japan Shrine, Cozy Hideout, and Aquarius. These virtual environments are designed to provide an inviting view and interactive elements to make the experience even more enjoyable.

Comfy Worlds feature calming atmospheres and colorful visuals to help users relax. They also provide plenty of opportunities for users to engage with friends and take a break from the real world.

Sleep Worlds

Any user can escape to a peaceful environment with VRChat’s Sleep Worlds. These virtual spaces are designed to provide an ideal atmosphere for relaxation and stress relief. Often featuring calming settings such as bedrooms, apartments, and natural landscapes, these worlds allow users to customize environmental effects, lighting, and music to suit their needs. Some examples of these worlds include ‘Phunky’s Chill & Sleep,’ ‘Sleepy Fireflies,’ and ‘The Sleep Room.’

A great plus is that users can set up private instances to avoid disturbances.

Party Worlds

You can find and join party worlds with the VRChat platform or community resources. These vibrant, interactive worlds come with music and visuals that make them unique and exciting places to explore.

Popular party worlds include Club VGL, Cyberpunk Garage Rave, Maharaja Disco, Trap Haven, Club Orion, and Volt Club.

In-world games, socializing with friends, and plenty of opportunities for fun make Party Worlds a great way to spend time in VRChat.

Home Worlds

You can create your own personalized space in VRChat with Home Worlds. These virtual environments come in all shapes and sizes, from simple to complex. You can customize them to suit your needs, using the VRChat Unity SDK. Home Worlds are great for socializing, relaxing, or gaming with friends.

With over 25,000 of these virtual spaces, there’s something for everyone. Whether you want to show off your creative skills or just hang out with friends, there’s a Home World for you.

Puzzle Worlds

With the variety of puzzle worlds available, VRChat offers an entertaining way to explore, challenge, and collaborate with others.

This category offers a unique way to interact with others in a virtual environment, with puzzles ranging from simple to complex. Puzzle worlds may even include hidden elements and challenges, allowing for a more personalized and engaging experience.

Popular examples of puzzle worlds include Club Gumball, Doors Industries, and Quail’s Head Vineyard. Escape room-style puzzle worlds are also available, challenging users to work together to solve puzzles and progress through the story.

Art Worlds

VRchat Art Worlds review

These virtual spaces offer an immersive experience to explore and interact with different forms of art, such as paintings, sculptures, and graffiti.

Examples of Art Worlds are the Museum of VR Painting, graffiti maps, and virtual art exhibits. These worlds are all made by the VRChat community for all users who cherish the value of art and can be accessed through the platform.

Hangout Worlds

Hangout worlds are virtual environments that allow users to socialize, play games, or take part in activities with other avatars. Whether you’re looking to relax or interact, hangout worlds in VRChat offer something for everyone.

Popular hangout worlds include The Black Cat and Big Al’s.

The Black Cat has a restaurant, bars, stages, and lounge areas, making it great for socializing.

Big Al’s has over 200 different avatars, all with eye tracking and mouth movement features, giving users plenty of characters to choose from.
Here are our favorite VRChat Game worlds.

Visualizer Worlds

Experiencing art from around the world is made easy with VRChat’s visualizer worlds. These user-created virtual environments respond to music and provide immersive, audio-visual experiences. From simple particle effects to more complex, dynamic scenes, there’s something for everyone.

For instance, ‘Tunnel (Music Visualizer)’ and ‘Particles Demo’ offer captivating displays of your favorite music. Visiting these worlds is an exciting, unique way to enjoy music, allowing users to be both entertained and inspired.


VRChat Worlds offer diverse environments and experiences, each of which enables players to explore in the company of new virtual friends. Diving into any of the featured worlds is a worthwhile way of making the most out of VRChat’s platform.

You can explore a horror world, solve puzzles, or simply hang out and chat with friends. Whether you’re looking for a thrilling adventure or a relaxing experience, there’s a VRChat world for everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the System Requirements for VRChat Worlds?

You’ll need at least 8GB of RAM and a graphics card that supports DirectX11 to access VRChat worlds.

How Can I Join a VRChat World?

To join a VRChat world, simply open the VRChat client, select the world you’d like to join, and click the ‘Join World’ button. You can also join friends who are already in a world by selecting their names from the list.

Is There a Cost Associated With Accessing VRChat Worlds?

No, VRChat Worlds can be taken advantage of for free.

Are There Safety and Privacy Measures in Place for VRChat Worlds?

Yes, all users must create an account with a valid email address and are required to agree to the Terms of Service. Users are also encouraged to report any inappropriate behavior. Additionally, VRChat moderators are available to help users with any issues that may arise.

Are There Any Age Restrictions for Accessing VRChat Worlds?

Yes, players must be at least 13 years old to join the VRChat platform.

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