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2immersive4u is an innovative company specializing in the creation of immersive digital content, leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and custom animation to produce memorable worlds, stories, and characters. Founded in 2020 by CEO Dusan Simic and President Filip Milinkovic, the company has quickly distinguished itself as a pioneer in viewership experience, earning an Emmy nomination for its work. 2immersive4u’s offerings include personalized commercials, music videos, movie trailers, and more, delivered with unprecedented speed thanks to its Creative AI technology. This technology allows for the production of content in hours rather than weeks, appealing to a broad demographic, including Gen Z and Millennials, by optimizing the virtual reality (VR) experience for mobile devices without the need for additional hardware.

The company’s mission is to democratize access to VR content and change the narrative around interactive storytelling by creating animated stories and experiences accessible on everyday devices like mobile phones, tablets, and laptops. This approach eliminates the barrier of specialized VR headsets, making immersive experiences more accessible to a wider audience. 2immersive4u’s work extends beyond traditional boundaries, aiming to redefine global artistic engagement and empower artists and creators worldwide.

2immersive4u’s portfolio showcases a range of projects, from commercial videos and music videos to blockbuster-worthy movie trailers, all characterized by their cinematic quality and immersive nature. The company’s innovative use of 360° and 180° animated videos on regular devices represents a significant advancement in the field, offering a new dimension of engagement without the need for specialized equipment.

The company has also made significant strides in collaboration and partnership, notably with Los Angeles-based musician, actress, and producer Brooke Josephson, for whom they produced a visually captivating lyric video. This project exemplifies 2immersive4u’s capability to disrupt traditional forms of music video production and highlights its potential for broader artistic collaborations.

With a strong foundation in technology, business strategy, and financial planning, 2immersive4u is poised for further growth and innovation. Its leadership team, including CEO Dusan Simic, President Filip Milinkovic, and CFO George Radmilovic, brings a wealth of experience from various fields, contributing to the company’s dynamic and forward-thinking approach. As 2immersive4u continues to explore new territories like augmented reality and live concert visuals, it remains committed to revolutionizing how the world engages with art and music, making it a company to watch in the global entertainment industry.