3D Studio CGI Kite 3D Studio CGI Kite

Phone+38 068 208 49 46
Address:Topola 3, Hous 20, 9, Dnipro, Topola 49000, UA, Dnipro

3D Studio CGI Kite is a specialized architectural design company based in Dnipro, Ukraine, established in 2019. The company excels in providing high-quality 3D architectural visualization services, including interior and exterior renderings, 3D animation, and virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) applications. Their expertise extends to creating photorealistic visuals and animations for various industries, notably real estate, architecture, and construction. CGI Kite prides itself on its ability to deliver precise, real-life-looking results swiftly, thanks to a well-coordinated team of certified 3D specialists and architects with extensive experience. The company has successfully completed over 200 projects, satisfying more than 100 clients and producing over 5000 completed 3D images. Their commitment to fast execution, high-quality support, and innovative solutions has made them a reliable partner for clients looking to showcase their projects with cutting-edge visualizations.