Activica, LLC Activica, LLC

Phone+1 610 788 2735
Address:990 Biscayne Boulevard, Miami
United States

Activica is a company dedicated to creating engaging and innovative learning solutions that enhance performance and knowledge retention. By combining instructional design principles, creativity, and technology, they deliver high-quality learning experiences to their clients.

Activica offers a range of services, including custom courses featuring immersive environments and real-world simulations, game-based learning that integrates learning content into interactive games, simulated learning environments for safe practice of procedures, and motion presentations that combine digital media with audio for multimedia projects.

The company takes pride in its core values, which include creativity, quality, transparency, and commitment. Activica holds an ISO 9001 certification for its Quality Management System, demonstrating its dedication to maximizing customer satisfaction while delivering the best cost-benefit relationship in their learning solutions.