Bit Space Development Ltd. Bit Space Development Ltd.

Address:1555 Dublin Avenue, Winnipeg
R3E 3M8

Bit Space Development Ltd. (BSD) is an award-winning interactive digital media company based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Founded in 2015, BSD specializes in creating innovative learning experiences for the workplace and classroom through cutting-edge digital media technologies, including virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), the Internet of Things (IoT), and artificial intelligence (AI).

BSD’s XR development team is dedicated to leveraging AR and VR to create interactive and immersive experiences that open up new possibilities for businesses and educational institutions. The company has been recognized as a leading AR/VR development company in Canada for 2023, highlighting its expertise and contributions to the immersive technology space.

BSD has received multiple industry accolades, including recognition from as a Top AR/VR Developer and a Global 1000 B2B service provider. The company’s clients have praised BSD for its exceptional service and ability to deliver projects within budget constraints.

With a focus on safety, cultural, and educational experiences, BSD believes in using XR and technology for good. The company is involved in community support, fostering partnerships with organizations like North Forge and Red River College to grow the interactive digital media (IDM) industry in Manitoba.

BSD’s team of skilled developers and digital artists boasts over 30 years of combined XR development knowledge. The company prides itself on its track record and longevity in the industry, having operated for over eight years and witnessing the evolution of VR and AR technologies.

Bit Space Development Ltd. operates globally, working with a diverse range of clients to make visions more accessible through various interactive mediums, including VR, AR, and mobile games. The company is culturally diverse, with a team that has roots all over the world, and is open to collaborating with those who have big ideas, regardless of their location