Blimey Blimey

Address:Innovation Lab, Tower of David Museum, Jerusalem

Blimey! Games was an entertainment software development company based in central London, specializing in video games. Founded in May 2005 by the team behind the PC Driving Game GTR – FIA GT Racing Game, the company was led by CEO Ian Bell, who was also the founder of SimBin Development Team. Blimey! Games was known for its expertise in racing games, including the development of GTR – FIA GT Racing Game 2 and GT Legends. In 2006, the company secured a license agreement with Ferrari for the development of video games. However, following the insolvency of their publisher, 10tacle Studios AG, Blimey! Games went into administration on 8 January 2009. The staff and assets were subsequently acquired by Slightly Mad Studios Limited, another company established by Ian Bell.