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Address:42 Steenkaai, Vilvoorde

BLISS is a digital production company that specializes in empowering creative ideas with technology, striving to push the boundaries of those ideas in partnership with their clients. They pride themselves on being makers, with a team composed of business analysts, artists, coders, designers, planners, and makers who collaborate in a truly agile way. BLISS was founded by partners of a creative agency and has a deep understanding of key agency challenges, particularly in web, mobile, motion, and VR/AR development.

Their services include building web experiences ranging from simple HTML setups to interactive web platforms, with technologies like Python, PHP, Drupal, Node.js, React, Angular, and WebGL. In the mobile domain, they have expertise in both native and cross-platform iOS and Android development, utilizing tools such as React Native, Swift, Java, Kotlin, Wikitude, and Vuforia.

BLISS also creates motion graphics for various formats, including video loops, ads, and tutorials, and has a dedicated development cell for VR and AR applications, using technologies like Unity, Maya, and Cinema 4D. With offices in Europe (Brussels) and Asia (Ho Chi Minh City), BLISS combines talent and insights from different regions into their production methodology and output.