Born Studios Born Studios

Address:Winsley Street, London
United Kingdom

Born Studios, as described on their official website, is a company dedicated to creating virtual solutions aimed at innovating and streamlining business operations. Their mission encompasses the development of targeted Extended Reality (XR) solutions, including Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR), to enhance efficiency and foster business growth. Born Studios offers a comprehensive consultancy service that begins with analyzing a business’s needs and extends to the execution of immersive strategies. This service includes strategy advice, content creation, implementation, and user experience design, all supported by their in-house production capabilities without reliance on third parties.

Their expertise spans delivering immersive experiences for various industries, as evidenced by their featured projects. These include creating a virtual presence for Diageo’s iconic Luminist bar, developing an immersive experience for Impulse Dynamics to demonstrate a heart failure device, and crafting the Virtual Aviation Training Application (VATA) for aviation training. Additionally, they have developed the Forest of Resilience, aimed at teaching resilience and improving mental wellbeing.

Born Studios prides itself on its dynamic and talented team, which operates globally with personnel in the UK, Germany, Turkey, Spain, and the USA. Their team of experts offers seamless end-to-end capabilities, positioning Born Studios as a leader in creating tomorrow’s immersive solutions.