ByOwls, Inc. ByOwls, Inc.

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Address:651 N Broad St., suite 206, and country of New Castle, Middletown
United States

ByOwls, Inc. is a dynamic and innovative game development company with a strong focus on creating multiplayer projects, Virtual Reality (VR), and Virtual Production software. Their expertise lies in developing immersive and realistic experiences through technical innovations and exceptional design features. ByOwls is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of VR to create unique and breathtaking scenes for various applications, including marketing, architecture, and gaming. They offer a comprehensive range of VR production services, from creative and design concepts to VR/AR postproduction, utilizing the latest technologies and software. The company’s mission is to deliver unparalleled realistic experiences, leveraging their proficiency in software development, game development, and AR & VR technologies. ByOwls, Inc. operates with a highly skilled team of developers, designers, and QA professionals, using tools like Unreal Engine 4/5 to craft gaming experiences for PC and VR platforms. With headquarters in Ukraine and a compact team, ByOwls, Inc. prides itself on its ability to turn innovative ideas into reality—or virtual reality—ensuring the success of every project they undertake.