Address:167 Church st. M5B 1Y6, Toronto
M5B 1Y6

CAVR, based in Toronto, is a virtual reality (VR) production studio that specializes in creating and distributing augmented reality (AR) and VR experiences. The company develops in-house software solutions and offers a full cycle of VR development activities, including 3D modeling and story writing. CAVR caters to a diverse range of industries such as advertising, FMCG, real estate, healthcare, automobile, agriculture, and gaming for both mobile and console platforms.

The company’s process involves a detailed briefing, agile delivery, client involvement, and a focus on quality by design. CAVR is also involved in enabling virtual interactions for business events, trainings, and expos, providing a sense of true face-to-face communication between people worldwide. Additionally, they design promotional apps and games that help brands strengthen their relationships with customers.

CAVR has a track record of successful promotional and loyalty marketing campaigns, and their work has garnered multiple digital industry awards. They have achieved millions of users and downloads across major app stores, highlighting their impact and recognition in the field of virtual and augmented reality production.