CitrusBits CitrusBits

Address:633 W 5th Street, Los Angeles
United States

CitrusBits is a distinguished mobile app development agency founded in 2005, known for its expertise in creating impactful mobile apps and responsive mobile content for businesses across various industries. With a team comprising expert mobile app developers, exceptional designers, and industry veterans, CitrusBits prides itself on its ability to deliver flawless and beautiful apps that stand out due to their unique and noteworthy qualities. The company’s “It” factor, a subtle combination of confidence, smarts, and charisma, is central to its identity and approach, both internally and in client interactions.

Operating globally, CitrusBits specializes in a wide range of services including mobile app and web development, digital product design, interaction design, software engineering, product innovation, as well as AR/VR experiences. The agency is committed to deploying transformational design and technology solutions to tackle complex challenges, helping businesses of all sizes to create the future through a human-centered approach.

The diversity of perspectives and talents within CitrusBits fuels its creativity and innovation, leading to groundbreaking solutions. The company fosters an environment of personal growth, resilience, adaptability, and collaboration, making it not only a fantastic place to work but also a powerful partner for clients looking to push digital and technology boundaries. CitrusBits has earned a top-ranking position on Clutch, reflecting its prestigious status and over 15 years of unrivaled experience in the field