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Address:Edward Street, Brighton and Hove
United Kingdom

Catalyst Software is a company that provides a comprehensive customer success platform designed to help businesses manage and enhance their customer relationships. The platform offers a range of features aimed at identifying and closing expansion revenue opportunities, getting ahead of customer churn, and creating visibility across the entire business. Catalyst Software’s tools are designed to be easily implemented and adopted, scaling to the needs of the enterprise without requiring extensive admin or engineering resources.

The platform includes a variety of productivity tools, such as email automation, project plans, task templates, note templates, playbooks, and customer journeys, to automate and streamline workflows for digital customer growth programs and enterprise operations. Catalyst Software’s features include Signals for identifying new customer growth opportunities, Playbooks for scaling customer success management, Journey Builder for optimizing customer experiences, Custom Dashboards for data visibility, and tools for workflow productivity, customer segmentation, customer activity tracking, and account layouts.

Catalyst Software emphasizes a user-friendly design and interface, aiming to save customer success managers (CSMs) time and help them focus on the most important aspects of their work. The company’s solutions are tailored to various customer segments, from small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to large enterprises.