Culex XR Studio Culex XR Studio

Phone+385 99 323 7737
Address:Kapelska 94, Osijek

Culex is a specialized studio based in Osijek, Croatia, focused on the development and production of unique virtual experiences and interactive cinematic 360° video content. The company operates in the realm of extended reality (XR), which encompasses virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and mixed reality (MR), applying these technologies across various industries including digital marketing, construction, architecture, healthcare, culture, tourism, sports, education, fashion, and communications. Culex aims to innovate, optimize processes, and set new trends through its projects.

Their services include the creation of immersive VR experiences, AR applications, and the production of standalone hologram units. Additionally, Culex offers web services such as design and development of websites, web shops, and the deployment of ERP, CRM, or CMS systems. The company also engages in community management, facilitating digital communication between brands and their audiences across social networks.

Culex is driven by a futuristic vision, focusing on ethical technology development and knowledge exchange. They are committed to addressing the challenges of the future by concentrating on the needs and solutions that will arise, showcasing their dedication to innovation and the proactive development of XR technologies.