Address:Greenlands Road, Hyderabad

Cymax Infotainment Pvt Ltd is an innovation-driven company that specializes in creating immersive virtual and augmented reality experiences. They position themselves as a one-stop destination for AR/VR projects, indicating a focus on developing cutting-edge applications in these technologies. The company appears to be engaged in various educational and professional development activities, as evidenced by their involvement in events such as guest lectures on “Unity Essentials” by their CEO, Professor Anupama Ingala, at the G.Narayanamma Institute of Technology and Science. Additionally, Cymax Infotainment Pvt Ltd is mentioned in the context of an IoT engineer job description, suggesting that they may also be involved in the Internet of Things sector.

The company’s LinkedIn profile suggests an ambition to be globally recognized as a center of excellence for research, innovation, entrepreneurship, and education in creative technology. This aligns with their activities and presence in the educational sector, where they contribute to the development of technical skills and knowledge among students and professionals.

Furthermore, the CEO of Cymax Infotainment Pvt Ltd, Mr. Gouri Shankar Mamidi, has been noted to share insights into artificial intelligence, indicating that the company may also be exploring or contributing to advancements in AI. The company’s involvement in the job market is also evident from a job listing for a Tele Caller Executive position, which suggests that they have a customer engagement or sales component to their operations.

In summary, Cymax Infotainment Pvt Ltd is a company that specializes in AR/VR technology, with a strong emphasis on innovation and education in the field of creative technology. They are actively involved in the professional development of individuals in the tech industry and strive for excellence in research and innovation.