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Address:Queen St, Gomshall
United Kingdom
Category is a pioneering company that operates at the intersection of real estate, augmented reality (AR), and blockchain technology. Founded in 2019, it aims to transform the way location-based commercial content is created, managed, and monetized in the real world. Darabase provides a unique platform that enables property owners and retailers to control and monetize their locations in AR. It partners with advertisers to facilitate the planning, purchasing, and reporting of location-based Geo-AR campaigns. Additionally, it collaborates with publishers and app developers to integrate permission-based Geo-AR advertisements and content, driving incremental revenue.

The company has launched a world-first property inventory platform for outdoor AR advertising, tapping into a significant digital spend. This platform allows property owners to register their Property Digital Rights (PDRs), set rules for digital content display at their locations, and generate revenue from permissioned AR advertising, thereby increasing their portfolio asset value. At its launch, the platform supported the registration of properties in 38 countries across the globe.

Darabase’s initiative not only protects real estate from unwanted AR advertising but also creates additional value and revenue for owners by introducing a marketplace for PDRs. With an estimated 1.4 billion AR-enabled devices globally, Darabase addresses the growing need for property owners to protect and control how their properties are used as canvases for digital content. This approach extends the regulated and permission-based model that underpins all brand advertising into the AR age, ensuring a secure, legal, ethical, and brand-safe framework for immersive AR campaigns to be delivered effectively in the real world.