Digital Tails Group Digital Tails Group

Phone+1 (212) 470-2639
Address:276 5th Avenue, Suite 704 #747, New York NY 10001, New York
United States

Digital Tails Group is a parent company that encompasses several subsidiaries including AVS, CyberFox, and Web3dev, specializing in a range of technology services. The group places a strong emphasis on visual aesthetics and security in its offerings. Digital Tails Group is involved in providing comprehensive white-label solutions for businesses in the Web3, DeFi, CeFi, and Metaverse sectors.

Based in Labuan, Malaysia, with a presence in New York, NY, one of its notable subsidiaries, Web3Dev, focuses on AR/VR development, blockchain, web development, mobile app development, and more. The company was launched in 2015 and caters to a diverse client base, including small businesses, midmarket companies, and enterprises. Web3Dev has completed projects such as the development of a 3D model of a virtual class for IBIK Software OU, a customized engine for a 3D space platform for OWNverse, and a 3D product configurator for WeimannMedia.