District XR District XR

Address:28 Vijverhoef, Amsterdam
1081 AX

District XR is a distinguished team of experts specializing in the development of virtual and augmented reality (VR and AR) solutions, as well as information systems. With a focus on promoting smart digitalization, lean manufacturing, and agile development methodologies, District XR aims to optimize business processes by transforming futuristic visions into today’s realities. The company boasts over five years of experience and employs a diverse team of in-house specialists, including developers proficient in C++, C#, Python, Go, Flutter, and JS, 3D modelers, game designers, and mathematical engineers. District XR has developed over 10 training simulators for the oil and gas industry, three VR arenas for entertainment content, an information system named Scriptum for software services, and a system for adapting BIM models in VR for automated work. Their approach to product development is characterized by high technological expertise and the use of advanced tools like UE4 and Unity, enabling them to create innovative products that quickly optimize business processes.