East City FIlms East City FIlms

Address:East City Films, 13-14 Great Sutton Street, London
United Kingdom

East City Films is a London-based creative production company that specializes in immersive storytelling through Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR). Co-founded by Ashley Cowan and Darren Emerson, the company is recognized for its purpose-driven content, which includes award-winning VR documentaries, 360-degree video production, and AR experiences. East City Films has a history of producing television and pro-social documentaries featured on major networks like Disney, MTV, TNT, and the History Channel. Their work extends to music video production, having worked with high-profile artists and filming in iconic venues, including the first-ever international outdoor concert in Myanmar. The company’s portfolio also includes branded content for notable clients such as Sony, Stella Artois, and The Guardian, showcasing their ability to create engaging content that aims to drive social change. East City Films has been acknowledged by various film festivals and industry awards, underlining their commitment to innovative and impactful storytelling.