Eurisko Eurisko

Address:Adma Business Center, Adma w Dafnah

Eurisko is a pioneering technology company founded in 2010, specializing in driving digital transformations on an international scale through advanced technologies. With a focus on serving the MENA region—including countries like Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Egypt, Lebanon, Cyprus, and the USA—Eurisko has established itself as a leader in various cutting-edge fields. The company’s expertise spans mobile app and web development, AI, VR/AR, and more, catering to a wide range of industries such as fintech, insurtech, entertainment, gaming, retail, e-commerce, healthcare, e-government, and media & communications.

Eurisko’s team consists of approximately 150 experts with diverse profiles and seniority levels, including mobile developers (iOS and Android), frontend and backend web developers, full stack developers, AI & data analytics engineers, gaming developers, DevSecOps engineers, UI/UX designers, researchers, QA engineers, business analysts, product owners, scrum masters, release/delivery managers, and copywriters/content managers. This multidisciplinary team works hand in hand in research, design, and development to create game-changing digital solutions.

The company is proud of its numerous awards for outstanding work and is committed to investing in human potential, particularly in teaching new generations practical skills. Eurisko’s portfolio includes significant projects and partnerships with leading companies and initiatives across its operational regions, demonstrating its capability to leverage next-gen technologies for impactful digital solutions.