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Fream is a custom software development company known for its innovative approach and adaptability, qualities that are particularly appealing to startups. The company prides itself on combining these startup-friendly attributes with a wealth of experience and reliability that comes from years in the industry. Fream operates across various sectors, including real estate, Industry 4.0, IoT (Internet of Things), logistics, transportation, manufacturing, and agriculture, where it has consistently outperformed competitors.

The company has a track record of successful collaborations with clients in creating cutting-edge solutions. For instance, it has developed a proprietary web-based product aimed at businesses looking to innovate their workflows, particularly in the rapidly evolving market of 360-degree media. Fream has also delivered custom applications for operating 360-degree cameras remotely, innovative training platforms using 3D or AR modes, and solutions that simplify complex processes, such as a sales configurator that streamlines the selection and communication process for sales teams.

Fream’s client roster includes notable names such as BaseCamp Student, which focuses on developing unique student housing experiences in Europe, and DeLaval, a global leader in milking equipment and solutions that emphasize sustainable food production. The company has also been a technological partner for Naviexpert since 2011, delivering successive releases of its navigation app for iOS and Android platforms.

With a team comprising skilled developers, architects, designers, testers, and managers, Fream is dedicated to ensuring the success of its clients’ projects. The company’s expertise in innovation, coupled with its domain knowledge and experienced team, positions it as a reliable partner for startups and established businesses alike looking to leverage custom software solutions for growth and efficiency.