Future Visual Future Visual

Address:29-30 Castle Street, Brighton
United Kingdom

Future Visual is a UK-based immersive technology company specializing in virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) solutions. Founded in 2015, the company focuses on developing VR and AR applications for various sectors, including retail, training, and behavior change. Future Visual offers services such as VR training platforms that aim to enhance learning and retention by minimizing distractions and risks associated with real-life training. They also provide VR marketing services to create memorable experiences and VR events that connect teams and customers in innovative ways.

The company prides itself on a team of experts passionate about pushing the boundaries of immersive technology to create successful outcomes for clients. Their team includes BAFTA award winners, VR manual writers, concert designers, streamers, gamers, and both detail-oriented and big-picture thinkers. Future Visual has worked on award-winning projects for global brands across industries, from aviation to high-risk surgery, demonstrating their capability to revolutionize how companies approach training, marketing, and events with immersive technologies.