Gamechuck Gamechuck

Address:Avenija Dubrovnik 15, Zagreb

Gamechuck, an indie game development studio based in Zagreb, Croatia, has recently made headlines for two significant developments. Firstly, the studio announced the first annual Adventure Game Hotspot Convention, a two-day expo dedicated to adventure game fans and developers. This event underscores Gamechuck’s commitment to fostering a community around adventure games and providing a platform for both fans and creators to connect and share their passion.

Secondly, Gamechuck has achieved a notable milestone in labor relations within the video game industry. The studio’s employees have successfully unionized under the banner of Workers of Gamechuck D.O.O., making it Croatia’s first union for video game workers. This unionization effort was recognized and accepted by the studio without demanding a vote, highlighting a progressive approach to employee relations. The collective agreement signed between Gamechuck and its employees addresses several critical issues, including limiting crunch time, establishing a profit-sharing plan, and ensuring fair treatment and compensation for overtime work. This move is part of a broader trend within the video game industry, where developers are seeking new ways to improve their working conditions and quality of life.

These developments at Gamechuck not only demonstrate the studio’s innovative approach to game development and community engagement but also its leadership in promoting fair labor practices within the gaming industry.