Giant Lazer Giant Lazer

Phone+48 693 543 261
Address:O?taszy?ska 92c/6, Wroclaw

Giant Lazer is a company that specializes in creating innovative applications using Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) technologies. Established on March 6, 2015, and based in Wroclaw, Poland, the company focuses on changing the landscape of business, education, and industry through immersive applications. Giant Lazer is dedicated to making learning easier and more effective by utilizing VR and AR to simplify complex skills, aid memorization, and foster team spirit. Their applications are designed to broaden minds and enhance effectiveness through smart gear, merging passion and knowledge to create novel working experiences.

The company offers a wide range of VR and AR courses aimed at various sectors, including industry employees, providing them with innovative learning tools and analytic software. Their projects cover a diverse array of applications, from cardiopulmonary resuscitation courses with AR modules to VR training for police employees and educational apps for dental and veterinary students.

Giant Lazer’s mission is to improve the way people learn, work, and develop their skills by offering applications for business partners, schools, universities, and public entities. They also aim to use their abilities for nature and climate protection. The company has received significant media attention and has been involved in numerous public speaking events, conferences, and trainings, showcasing their expertise in VR/AR application development.

Financially, Giant Lazer has shown a notable increase in net sales revenue by 131.69% in 2022, although its total assets decreased by 4.01% over the same period. This growth reflects the company’s success in the Computer Systems Design and Related Services industry and its commitment to innovation and quality in the field of VR and AR technologies.