Gloam Gloam

Address:20C Adolphus Road, Finsbury Park
N4 2AZ
United Kingdom

Gloam is a company that specializes in creating augmented reality (AR) filters and experiences, particularly for social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and TikTok. They offer custom-made, hyper-immersive AR filters that can be used for branding and engaging audiences. These filters are designed to be both entertaining and educational, enhancing users’ perceptions of real-life through the addition of digital objects. Gloam’s AR filters have been used by major brands such as the NBA, Beats by Dre, and ESPN, demonstrating their wide appeal and effectiveness in marketing.

Gloam also contributes to environmental sustainability by planting trees for every branded AR filter they create, emphasizing their commitment to climate-positive initiatives.