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Address:400 South Pointe Drive, Miami Beach
United States

goHere, also known as goHere® AR, is a company that specializes in digital transformation consulting and the development of augmented reality (AR) solutions. It aims to simplify Industry 4.0 for organizations, helping them to solve problems, grow, and streamline their operations into the digital era. The company focuses on mixed and augmented reality technologies, offering insights and development services to leverage modern technology for staying relevant in the rapidly evolving digital landscape. goHere AR is involved in creating immersive AR experiences, particularly for the Apple Vision Pro headset, and provides development services for Microsoft’s HoloLens 2, aiming to enhance user productivity, efficiency, retention, and accuracy while reducing costs. Their work spans various industries, highlighting the potential of AR to revolutionize computing and user experiences by blending the physical and digital realms seamlessly.