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Address:Kingston Hill Place, Kingston upon Thames
United Kingdom

HAUD is a company that specializes in providing security services to mobile network operators (MNOs), aggregators, and messaging hubs. It offers a comprehensive suite of solutions to detect and prevent fraud across various communication protocols such as SS7, Diameter, and SMS. HAUD’s services are designed to filter spam, protect revenue, and ensure a secure customer experience. The company’s expertise in the messaging and A2P (Application-to-Person) sector is backed by more than a decade of experience, and it offers a managed solution to detect fraud, filter spam, and monetize legitimate traffic that bypasses traditional billing routes, often referred to as ‘grey routes’.

Founded in 2010 and a subsidiary of the Trillian Group, HAUD has developed a global presence with headquarters in Malta and additional offices in the UK, Singapore, and Jakarta. It also has global partners across Asia, the Americas, Africa, and the Middle East. HAUD is a member of the GSMA and actively contributes to the fight against fraud in the mobile telecommunications industry. The company’s SMART Messaging Revenue Platform enables MNOs to optimize their A2P SMS revenue through advanced tracking, filtering technologies, and management tools, while also providing insights for market optimization and automated billing and charging solutions.