Heaven Heaven

Phone+33 0175.776.300
Address:19 rue de Cl‚ry 75002, Paris

Heaven is a next-generation advertising agency that specializes in digital marketing and social media strategies. Founded over 20 years ago, heaven operates from Paris, France, and has a team of over 80 professionals, playfully referred to as “angels.” The agency is known for pioneering influence marketing with the launch of the first Xbox in France and has since become a significant opinion leader in the field, offering local and global programs across various sectors such as technology, entertainment, beauty, and food.

Heaven’s services include digital communication strategies, social media presence, brand content, conversation strategies, and innovative offers like “Branded Conversations,” “Social Shopping,” and “Influence Pilot.” They also engage in media buying and have developed innovative VR/AR experiences for clients. The agency prides itself on understanding the next generation of consumers who are less responsive to traditional advertising and focuses on keeping them engaged with brands through digital platforms. Heaven is part of the Hopscotch Group and has worked with notable clients such as Microsoft, Sony, Samsung, Danone, Jean Paul Gaultier, and Disney[.