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Address:9 Thiseos, Nicosia

Hello I/O is a company that specializes in creating immersive, high-tech spaces and interactive experiences by blending physical and digital elements, a concept known as “phygital.” Established in 2012, the company has grown from a small studio to a leading entity in the immersive industry, with a team of over 80 in-house staff members and more than 500 successfully completed projects worldwide.

The company’s mission is to use technology to make the impossible possible, erasing the line between the material and virtual worlds and providing people with unforgettable experiences. Hello I/O’s team is composed of a diverse group of creators, developers, artists, marketers, engineers, and technical specialists, all working together to create unique projects that combine architecture, design, games, and technology.

Hello I/O is also known for its development of Hello Park, the world’s largest multimedia park chain, which offers an immersive phygital park experience for entertainment and creativity, particularly aimed at children’s development. Hello Park has more than 30 locations around the world and features interactive projections, trampolines, climbing walls, and other activities that are enhanced with modern technologies.

The company prides itself on a creative corporate culture with no bureaucracy, a teal corporate structure, and a flat hierarchy, aiming to foster a spirit of innovation and teamwork. They offer professional opportunities for growth, including one-on-one meetings, masterclasses, and internal hackathons. Hello I/O’s modern office is located in the city center, and they support a hybrid schedule with flexible work hours.