HoloFair by Outreal XR HoloFair by Outreal XR

Address:Dubai Digital Park, A5 Building, Office 1017, دبي, United Arab Emirates 16703

HoloFair by Outreal XR is a pioneering company based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, specializing in the creation of immersive metaverse experiences. Established in 2018, HoloFair offers a fully customizable metaverse platform designed for corporates, content creators, and event organizers to build, host, and monetize their own virtual worlds. The platform supports a wide range of features including 3D web experiences accessible via desktop web browsers and mobile applications, REST API & SSO integration, private and public chat functionalities, group audio/video calls, personalized avatars, realistic 3D environments, screen-sharing capabilities, and the integration of gamification and e-commerce features. Additionally, HoloFair enables the incorporation of digital collateral such as forms, surveys, polls, and more, while also providing insightful data and metrics on user engagement. The company has successfully enabled government entities, non-profit organizations, and companies worldwide to host exceptional metaverse experiences, making it a leading partner for entering and leveraging the metaverse.