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Address:Vladimirskaya 1, Kyiv

HumanIT Solutions, LLC is a veteran-owned, small business technology company founded in 2016. It specializes in providing a wide range of services and consulting support across the IT spectrum, primarily to government and commercial clients. The company is recognized for its innovative approach, utilizing technology, best practices, and industry standards to deliver solutions that exceed customer expectations. HumanIT Solutions is committed to supporting its growth by recruiting top talent, as evidenced by its active search for skilled individuals in areas such as Configuration Management, JIRA, and Agile methodologies, particularly for positions requiring onsite presence at Maxwell AFB with a secret clearance.

Operating within the consulting and government contractor sectors, HumanIT Solutions has achieved significant business milestones, reporting a revenue of $42 million and employing a workforce of 152 employees. This underscores the company’s substantial impact and presence within the information technology consulting industry.

The ethos of HumanIT Solutions is deeply rooted in its veteran-owned status, emphasizing a dedication to service and excellence. This foundation not only shapes its business practices but also its commitment to contributing positively to the IT field, offering robust solutions to complex challenges faced by its clients.