Infuse Digital Agency Infuse Digital Agency

Address:3369 W Mayflower Ave, Lehi
United States

Infuse Digital Agency is a digital production agency that specializes in creating high-quality digital content to support companies in their marketing, sales, and training efforts. They are known for crafting top-notch digital content, including high-end digital displays and content management services, particularly for the commercial real estate and medical industries. Infuse Digital works with clients to modernize facilities with state-of-the-art LED and LCD displays, often with little to no upfront cost, and helps monetize these assets through advertising sales and sponsorships. The agency is led by veterans in the digital display and out-of-home advertising industries and offers comprehensive services including design, development, procurement, sponsorship sales, messaging, content management, and maintenance support.

Additionally, Infuse Medical, a division of Infuse Digital Agency, provides creative and technical solutions for the biotech, pharma, and medical device sectors. They focus on accelerating the transfer of knowledge through cutting-edge technology and art, creating digital media and applications that facilitate learning and knowledge application in the medical field. Infuse Medical is recognized for its immersive learning experiences using 3D animations and virtual reality, aiming to improve sales training and clinician education.