Innovacio Technologies Innovacio Technologies

Address:36 Beck Bagan Row, Kolkata

Innovacio Technologies is a technology company that provides customized digital solutions to clients, aiming to make their businesses more efficient. The company was founded by Osama Raushan in India and currently has between 49 to 99 employees.

Innovacio Technologies is committed to making technology affordable and accessible to every sector of society, with the goal of empowering people through their work and innovation[6][7]. They offer a range of services including web development, mobile development, IoT development, software development, game development, and blockchain.

One of their notable projects is an AI-powered Transport Management Software, which is designed to revolutionize logistics and transportation management. This software provides a comprehensive approach to manage and optimize transportation operations, offering features such as admin and sub-admin dashboards, mobile apps for transporters and vehicle owners, and an AI algorithm for job assignment and route optimization.

Innovacio Technologies serves a diverse range of sectors including fintech, healthcare, supply-chain management, and more. They are dedicated to providing efficient and smart solutions that help their clients thrive and achieve their goals.