Innowise Innowise

Address:2B rondo Daszynskiego, Warszawa

Innowise is a global software development firm with a strong focus on IT staff augmentation, data analytics, and FinTech solutions. With a team of over 1600 developers, the company has made a mark in the IT industry by providing custom software development services across multiple sectors such as automotive, healthcare, and financial services. Since 2007, Innowise has been offering IT staff augmentation, helping clients scale their teams with qualified IT professionals in a cost-effective manner. They are adept in big data, offering services like data lakes and big data applications to boost productivity. In the FinTech space, Innowise develops financial software, from banking apps to web solutions, covering the entire development lifecycle. With a client-centric approach and over 1100 projects delivered, Innowise is dedicated to crafting solutions that meet specific client needs, ensuring efficiency and reducing operating costs.