IVAR Studios IVAR Studios

Address:Br„nnkyrkagatan 103B, Stockholm
117 26

IVAR Studios is an immersive production company based in Stockholm, Sweden, specializing in creating immersive storytelling productions. Founded in 2016 by brothers Martin and Fredrik Edström along with Alfred Runow, the company focuses on developing stories for immersive formats that allow audiences to step into and interact with the story. IVAR Studios is dedicated to telling unforgettable stories using new formats and technologies, often revolving around important science, natural and cultural heritage, and issues affecting our planet. The name “IVAR” comes from the middle name shared by the Edström brothers, inherited from their grandfather Mauritz Edström, a celebrated film critic, reporter, and author. IVAR Studios works globally, producing content across the immersive space, including 360-video and interactive virtual reality, and is known for its technical skills, creative vision, and impactful storytelling.