JAXX – a creative house JAXX – a creative house

Address:241 Spadina Ave, 2nd Floor, Toronto
M5T 3A8

JAXX – a creative house is a versatile broadcast video and creative services company based in Toronto, Canada. Founded in 1994, the company employs a small team of 10 to 49 employees. JAXX specializes in a wide range of services including broadcast video, AR/VR development, graphic design, and marketing strategy. They are known for designing, producing, and delivering moving narratives across various platforms, from commercial and episodic content to feature-length projects. Their work extends to post-production (picture and sound), design, and animation, catering to branding, commercials, film, and TV projects. JAXX collaborates closely with its sister companies, SpinVFX and SpinVR, to enhance its offerings in the interactive experience sector, particularly in sophisticated AR, VR, and 3D services.