Kibrit Creative Solutions Kibrit Creative Solutions

Address:Yenişehir Mahallesi, Sümbül Sokak, No:8/2 B Blok 65 Ekinci Residence, Pendik, 34912 Istanbul-Türkiye, Istanbul

Kibrit Creative Solutions is a dynamic and innovative company specializing in virtual reality (VR) software development. Established with a mission to support brands in becoming unique in all their endeavors, Kibrit Creative Solutions integrates innovative ideas to connect brands with their clients through creative solutions. The company is renowned for producing the world’s biggest digital waterfall, a feat that has been recognized by industry leader Autodesk as one of the most liked artworks globally. Operating since 2006, Kibrit has developed numerous products for brands worldwide, showcasing its prowess in design and creativity.

The company’s expertise spans across various aspects of virtual reality, from 3D character and object modeling to scenario creation and simulation, all under one roof. Kibrit Creative Solutions is committed to delivering a +A Virtual Reality experience, meticulously working on every detail necessary for project realization with its expert team. Located in Istanbul, Turkey, the company prides itself on offering cinema-quality VR experiences that foster an emotional connection between brands and their customers through interactive VR games and applications.